As your general contractor, our number one priority is to communicate well with you and fully understand your needs. We strive to deliver a well built structure that incorporates all of your basic demands, while also integrating our teams creative approach to energy efficiency, strength, and comfort. We are affiliated with some of the best LEED certified energy efficiency engineers in the Industry.  We have great working relationships with the top ICF architects/ Engineers in the Nation, and have our sub- contractors trained to work well with energy efficient building systems to ensure that they are not learning on your project and driving up the cost of production.

At Global ICF, we tackle many projects from small to large. When it comes to the larger projects sometimes we need a little support to help deliver a timely project completion. When this situation arises, we employ sub-tier contractors to work along side of our team. Under our direct supervision and training, we can bring on multiple crews, from various regions throughout the country, to construct your building in a timely/ cost effective manner.

From choosing the right Architect/ Engineer to understanding your controlled air environment within your new home/ building, our team of LEED certified associates will help you every step of the way. We deliver a passion for Green building and it is illustrated through every aspect of your build. Our consultation team will sit down with you to understand the important attributes for which you are seeking while also keeping things in perspective to cost. We will teach you the various green building elements you could incorporate in your project and help you understand the impact you could make through your actions.

Through the past 20 years, Steven Swoszowski- President/ Founder of Global ICF Innovations, Inc., has worked with many of the various brands of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) across the nation. He has discovered which brands perform and which don’t.  He has also established lasting relationships with some of the top Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, sub-contractors, Block manufacturers, Vendors, and suppliers within the ICF industry worldwide. Through extensive training and education, Steven has built an amazing team of employees and affiliates to ensure a professional built ICF system for various types of ICF structures nationwide.

Global ICF Innovations, Inc. offers training & education opportunities, for various aspects within the construction industry. We have conducted lunch/ learn presentations for some of the largest Architects across the country to help promote Green building and offer structurally superior solutions to help design high performance buildings that are not only resistant to natural disasters but also help save our customers operating expenses.

We also offer various levels of training for sub-contractors integrated with ICF wall systems and various green building techniques like decking systems, HVAC systems, and much more. The more knowledge these MEP’s have for this relatively new building system, will only keep costs more competitive and ensure that your structure will be built properly and within your budget.

We passionately believe that you don’t have to spend more to build green! It all comes down to exposure and awareness. Let us show you what we know and it’s assured that you will never build any other way…