West ISD High School/ Middle school

Global’s team was contracted by Bartlett Cocke General Contractors to rebuild the West ISD school that was devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion back in 2013.  This school was a FEMA backed project that consisted of over 128,000 wall square feet of various sizes of Insulated Concrete Forms to provide wall systems that are both energy efficient and built for strength.

Manor ISD-Lagos Elementary School

Our experience and innovation allow us the freedom to execute projects of various sizes and scope. Efficiently completing projects from a small scale up to large multi-story projects.

Drone Video Overhead Lagos ES

Arial video of the Manor ISD-Lagos elementary school job site during the placement of 140 yards of concrete.  Each team member has their role to ensure a smooth, safe and properly consolidated placement of concrete, within these 6″ core ICF walls.

Stronger Buildings Sustainable Design


At Global ICF we are dedicated to improving the building process by providing eco-friendly, structurally superior, yet cost effective solutions. We provide a wide range of various services from General contracting, Construction management, green consultationcustom ICF installation, and training within every aspect of the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Industry. Let us help you transform your project into a stronger, more energy efficient structure that is built to last!

Our Innovative approach to building construction has been pioneered by industry veteran, Steven Swoszowski. For the past 19 years, he has helped pave the way towards revolutionizing the ICF Industry by delivering sustainable solutions and reducing overall construction costs/ time. Global ICF Innovations is very proud to be a leader in an industry that is instrumental in lowering our impact on the environment and leaving a footprint that you would want your children to walk in.

FEMA Approved Saferooms

Hurricane Resistant

Tornado Proof

Fire Resistant

Pest Free

Blast Resistant

Cleaner/ Quieter Environment
Cleaner/ Quieter Environment
Building your home with ICF's ( Insulated Concrete Forms) can provide your family with the most comfortable environment as possible. An environment that is free from mold/ mildew/ dust/ pests. While also providing a super quiet interior with STC ratings ( Sound Transmission Class) of up to 50-55.
Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
Our building envelopes utilizing ICF wall systems and various advanced roofing systems, can provide the most energy efficient structures. Envelopes that can deliver an average R-value of 28, and a HERS rating of 52. And can result in reducing your overall HVAC installation costs by up to 65% and drastically reducing your monthly energy bills by 30%.
Stronger Buildings
Stronger Buildings
If safety is what you are seeking, then why not build to withstand it all! ICF structures are rated to withstand Tornado and Hurricane force winds up to 265 MPH! These solid mass concrete wall systems have been put through vigorous impact tests by some of the most reputable testing labs around the world. They have even been challenged by the US Military to withstand the detonation of an explosive C-4 charge! All of which delivered to you at a competitive cost to traditional framing solutions.